FIAC FX95 Air Compressor 1.5hp

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230v Direct Drive Compressor

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Fiac manufacture a quality range of oil free compressors that are built to current European standards and provide the latest technology in design, performance and reliability.

The Fiac direct drive compressor range provides adequate power for all your needs: home maintenance, air tools in the workshop, spraying in the garage and garden, airbrush in the studio, furniture renovation, toy model making, inflating tyres, small inflatables and even spraying preservatives / insecticides in the garden and greenhouse.

The uses for a Fiac FX air compressor are endless. Suitable for use where oil-free air delivery is required.

Automatic stop/start controls – requires minimum supervision
Ready for use, complete with 13 amp plug & cable
Motor overload protection, air receivers to CE87/404 ensures user protection
Portable and user friendly


Motor HP                                     1.5
Air Receiver Litres                     24
Displacement CFM                   6.0
Maximum Pressure (PSI)        116
Motor & Pump (RPM)             2850
Weight Kg                                  27
Dimensions (mm)                    650 x 315 x 630