ESAB G50 Air Fed System

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A complete ESAB G50 Air Fed System

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ESAB G50 Air Fed System

G50 is a combined welding and grinding helmet of which the G50 houses an ADF Automatic Darkening Filter, shade levels DIN 9-13, and with flip-up visor. The large plastic lens gives the welder an unobstructed field of view when the visor is flipped up. The helmets are rated B in the impact resistance classification, which means they are approved for grinding.
 Lightweight shell
 Automatic / fix shade options
 Large inner grinding visor (clear)
 Comfort headgear
 Respiratory with ESAB PAPR

The System is supplied ready to use with The ESAB PAPR air unit, which supplies 170L/min of air for an 8 hour shift.

An audible alarm also sounds when the battery is low or the P3 filter is blocked.

Supplied ready to use with blower unit, fan, P3 filter, Pre filter, 230v charger, comfort belt, air hose with flame retardant cover,

No additional equipment required.
The charger unit is supplied with adapters for all UK and European power supplies

G50 Fact Sheet

PAPR Fact Sheet

Read about the ESAB G50 air fed system on the ESAB UK website – Click HERE


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